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Ken from San Diego, California USA (Proud WaterRower Owner)

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"I bought the WaterRower to improve my overall fitness, and it has lived up to my high expectations. It's solidly built, easy to use, attractive, and gives a hard workout."
Tootsie from Alaska (Proud WaterRower Owner)

"I had thyroid cancer stage 3 in 2004 and I don't have great stamina! Once I got my WaterRower I realized anyone can get a wonderful work out & it is so peaceful. I have told so many people and had several people in our home to try my WaterRower. They all were amazed at the comfort and quietness of it. I am currently unemployed and was thinking of what truly gives me peace & joy...and rowing came to mind. Rowing is something I can do in the long winters here in Alaska and I find solitude in the swishing sound. :)"

Anna Friel (Actress)
“It’s great because with Gracie (my daughter) I can’t really get to the gym but with the WaterRower I can just lower it down and have a quick workout while Gracie runs around the house... The WaterRower is a piece of exercise equipment that lasts and actually looks nice. We originally bought it because it’s made from this beautiful wood and fitted into our house in Windsor, but it looks great in LA as well …the added bonus is that if you don’t have a gym it tucks neatly behind a door. I love it.”

Danny Murphy, Fulham FC (UK Footballer)
"Using the WaterRower machine has been a positive addition to my regular training regime. It provides a full body workout using all the main muscle groups and is great for cardio training too. Because of the Waterflywheel, it is really smooth and has a natural resistance which is great for minimizing unnecessary strain on joints and ligaments – something that is crucial to me as a professional footballer."

Amanda Hamilton, TV Presenter (UK)
"I love having the WaterRower at home. I find it almost impossible to get to the gym now that I’ve got a new baby to look after, as well as the other kids and work. It allows me to keep really fit whilst making it really fun! The WaterRower is very different from the rowers at a typical gym as it actually feels like rowing on water."

A. Lorenzo from London, UK (Proud WaterRower Owner)
"I am 51 and three months ago I was overweight and in a very poor shape. After 13 weeks using the WaterRower I have recovered a level of fitness I thought gone forever and I have lost 5 kg (now only another 5 kg over my optimum weight). In this very short period, my strength, stamina, muscle tone, and heart performance have been significantly improved. I must admit that I am happily surprised by this outcome because I never expected to progress so much so fast.

When I decided to do something about my overall condition I chose rowing for its low impact workout and full-body exercise. Despite the fact I had never rowed in my life, I thought it was the best choice to improve my fitness, bearing in mind my age and condition.

After researching the field I decided that the WaterRower was the best rowing machine to achieve my aim. I found the concept simple but brilliantly efficient, the aesthetics superb and the sound of water very alluring. The outstanding information and support available in the website contributed very much to make up my mind. Today, I am glad to say that I was spot on when I chose the WaterRower. I am aware that it can be seen as pricey, but thinking value for money is second to none.

I am really excited about what I have already achieved and looking forward progressing further. This has been possible thanks to both the superb concept and design of the WaterRower and the personalized training programs, for which I am deeply grateful to Jill Lancaster my WaterCoach. Her support and always accurate advice kept me motivated and on track.

Now my weekly routine includes only four training sessions and around 25km/week. I expect to progressively move to 5 sessions and 30km per week after completing my third 6-weeks plan. I look for slow but steady progress. I always use a heart monitor to control my cardiovascular effort.

The exercise I like the most is to challenge my previous time for a given distance (i.e. 5000m). It provides me with an extra motivation to push a little harder. In a more personal note, I have found very useful to put some soft music to accompany the long distance/duration sessions. It helps me to relax and maintain the pace."